[Question] Should the main text of the write-ups of Open Philanthropy’s large grants be longer than 1 paragraph?

On 17 February 2024, the mean length of the main text of the write-ups of Open Philanthropy’s largest grants in each of its 30 focus areas was only 2.50 paragraphs, whereas the mean amount was 14.2 M 2022-$[1]. For 23 of the 30 largest grants, it was just 1 paragraph. The calculations and information about the grants is in this Sheet.

Should the main text of the write-ups of Open Philanthropy’s large grants (e.g. at least 1 M$) be longer than 1 paragraph? I think greater reasoning transparency would be good, so I would like it if Open Philanthropy had longer write-ups.

In terms of other grantmakers aligned with effective altruism[2]:

I encourage all of the above except for CE to have longer write-ups. I focussed on Open Philanthropy in this post given it accounts for the vast majority of the grants aligned with effective altruism.

Some context:

  • Holden Karnofsky posted about how Open Philanthropy was thinking about openness and information sharing in 2016.

  • There was a discussion in early 2023 about whether Open Philanthropy should share a ranking of grants it produced then.

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    Open Philanthropy has 17 broad focus areas, 9 under global health and wellbeing, 4 under global catastrophic risks (GCRs), and 4 under other areas. However, its grants are associated with 30 areas.

    I define main text as that besides headings, and not including paragraphs of the type:

    - “Grant investigator: [name]”.

    - “This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigator. [Organisation] staff also reviewed this page prior to publication”.

    - “This follows our [dates with links to previous grants to the organisation] support, and falls within our focus area of [area]”.

    - “The grant amount was updated in [date(s)]”.

    - “See [organisation’s] page on this grant for more details”.

    - “This grant is part of our Regranting Challenge. See the Regranting Challenge website for more details on this grant”.

    - “This is a discretionary grant”.

    I count lists of bullets as 1 paragraph.

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    The grantmakers are ordered alphabetically.