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Founders Pledge is a nonprofit that encourages entrepreneurs to pledge to donate a portion of their profits to effective charities, and conducts cause prioritization and charity evaluation research to assist their members in deciding which organizations to support.

Founders Pledge Funds

In 2020, Founders Pledge launched two Funds—expert-managed, cause-specific pools of money for regranting—: the Global Health and Development Fund and the Climate Change Fund.[1][2]

A third Fund was added in 2021: the Patient Philanthropy Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to invest the donations it receives by default, potentially for decades, centuries or millennia, until the managers conclude that an unusually high-impact opportunity exists to safeguard and improve humanity’s long-term future. The Fund was launched with $1 million in pre-seed funding, with the goal of growing it to $100 million within the following 10 years.[3][4][5]

In 2022, Founders Pledge opened the Global Catastrophic Risks Fund, designed to address the largest risks to humanity, both now and in the future.[6]


As of May 2022, Founders Pledge has received over $8.7 million in funding from Open Philanthropy,[7] and nearly $720,000 from Effective Altruism Funds.[8][9][10][11]

Further reading

Bell, Douglas (2019) The radical founders raising billions for Charity—Is this a new social movement?, Forbes, August 29.

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