EA, 30 + 14 Rapes, and My Not-So-Good Experience with EA.

I took down this post. In it, I originally spoke of how many assaults I’d “caught” in EA, and my unhappiness with my experiences with CEA and the Community Health. My message didn’t get across and I was repeatedly told I was emotional, hyperbolic, etc. The post failed to convey the value and message I wanted it to convey—which is to start a discussion on assault within EA and whether it was being handled well, and devolved into critiques of me through the very limited information I conveyed in the post; not to say the criticism is or isn’t fair, but wasn’t my intent to get personal to turn this into a discussion about me. There were also multiple requests for more information about the assaults themselves (which was also the case in the previous forum post I participated in, in which the Time article on sexual misconduct was linked), which I am unwilling to share in a public forum. I’ve removed it as it is counterproductive and needlessly takes away from discussing sexual assault within EA.

I’d like to add—For the commenters (@Ubuntu and @Chris Leong ) saying “if EA were to hire you”—I don’t want EA to hire me. I don’t want to join CH. I’ve never applied for, wanted a job with CH, nor do I think I have said anything I spoke to implied I wanted a job with CH? If there’s something I said that implied that, I’m sorry, but to be clear I’ve never wanted a job with EA nor am I in EA. If you mean that I sent a proposal to CEA about developing a policy, reporting system, and training to mean CEA was “hiring” me—I don’t see it as being “hired” or wanting to work with CEA.

What I wanted to replace the system of being my being CEA’s unofficial report-taker. @Ubuntu I agree with you in that I shouldn’t have been the Community Health team’s unofficial report taker, and you SHOULD be unhappy that I was doing that. That was one of the intents of my post, to call attention to that. It truly was my mistake to not have stopped doing this work for EA earlier, as it seems completely unwanted by the movement. Replacing my work taking reports and supporting survivors and handing that over to your Community Health team would have taken—a month, max two, to do (that’s the “proposal” I mention). I also let Community Health know that I wouldn’t refer survivors to them, and I’ve spoken to why in my reply to @Ben Millwood. You’re welcome to disagree with my assessment, but I stand firm in this stance. I believe anyone speaking to survivors should bring compassion and support to that work. Also, I’m 99.9% certain the proposal will going to be declined; and should have stated that earlier. I only sent it as a way to say “these are the conditions in which I can continue helping you, if you don’t agree, I will not help you.”

Further, while most of you seem to be unwilling to admit you have a problem with rape, as your former unofficial report-taker, I believe you do, and I hope you dig deeper and find more about this yourselves. But either way, I have zero desire to continue long term working within EA, or to be part of your movement.