[Question] Who wants to be hired? (May-September 2022)

We’d like to help applicants and hiring managers coordinate, so we’ve set up two hiring threads.

So: consider sharing your information if you are looking for work in EA!

Please use the format below.
EDIT: If there’s anything else you think might be relevant specific cause areas, full-time/​part-time, when you’re available, your experience with EA, what type of role you’re looking for, … please add that in the ‘Notes’ section.

Willing to relocate:

See examples of this format on the latest similar thread on Hacker News. This was inspired by the talks around an EA common application, especially this comment, and the “Who wants to be hired?” and “Who’s hiring?” threads from the Hacker News forum.

This thread is a test

We’re not sure how much it will help, or how we should improve future similar attempts. So if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it. (Please leave it as a comment or message us.)

See also

The related thread: Who’s hiring?

Interested in being a Personal Assistant or looking for PAs?
Check out the Pineapple Operations directory: Being a PA | Hiring a PA

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