[Question] What are words, phrases, or topics that you think most EAs don’t know about but should?

I think there’s a lot of great literature that’s relevant for EA purposes. Sometimes specific phrases can act as useful keywords.

If we use similar language as other academic fields, then:

  1. Other groups can understand Effective Altruist writing easier.

  2. Effective Altruists can more easily search for existing literature and discussion.

I’ve recently been doing some surveying of different fields and finding a lot of terminology I think is both (1) not currently used by many people here, and (2) would be interesting to them.

This can be as simple as an interesting Wikipedia page. I think there are tons of interesting Wikipedia pages I don’t yet know to search, but would get a lot value out of if I did.

When submitting, if it’s not obvious, I suggest adding information about why this could be interesting to other EAs.

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