Utilitarianism Symbol Design Competition

Some people have made symbols for utilitarianism, and one such symbol can be even found in Wikipedia articles relating to utilitarianism. Since symbolism is important, I’m running a utilitarianism symbol/​flag/​insignia design competition. This is for broader outreach. The hope is to create a symbol as great as EA’s “heart in a lightbulb.”

I’ll transfer $1,000 to the winner through a donation to a preferred charity, an Amazon gift card, cryptocurrency, or whatever is preferred by the winner.

The winning insignia will be used on Wikipedia articles about Utilitarianism and replace the current insignia used in articles such as this.

Either post your response below or, if you want your submission to be private, message me your submission through this form: https://​​forms.gle/​​NwZxCUv632WWMxYt7

Each submitter can submit up to 3 insignias.

If you win, please have an SVG version available.

Avoid mathematical symbols since these are less suitable for broader outreach.

Entries are due by the end of the month at the latest.

A few people will help decide the winning submission within a week after entries are due.


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