New study in Science implies that tree planting is the cheapest climate change solution

Full ar­ti­cle: https://​​sci­ence.sci­​​con­tent/​​365/​​6448/​​76 (pay­walled; SciHub link: https://​​​​10.1126/​​sci­ence.aax0848)

Pop-Sci Guardian ar­ti­cle: https://​​www.the­​​en­vi­ron­ment/​​2019/​​jul/​​04/​​plant­ing-billions-trees-best-tackle-cli­mate-crisis-sci­en­tists-canopy-emissions

Key quote: “The most effec­tive pro­jects are do­ing restora­tion for 30 US cents a tree. That means we could re­store the 1tn trees for $300bn [£240bn], though ob­vi­ously that means im­mense effi­ciency and effec­tive­ness. But it is by far the cheap­est solu­tion that has ever been pro­posed.”

For­est-re­lated char­i­ties (CoolEarth et al.) have already re­ceived a good bit of at­ten­tion in the past, but if these new find­ings are true, then per­haps we have been un­der­es­ti­mat­ing the benefit of re­foresta­tion, and should be di­rect­ing more funds to­wards them?