[Question] Neglected biodiversity protection by EA.

We are undergoing a major species extinction on planet earth, the 6th in the history of the planet. The biodiversity of life that has taken billions of years to evolve is rapidly disappearing. https://​​earth.org/​​data_visualization/​​biodiversity-loss-in-numbers-the-2020-wwf-report/​​

Yet Effective Alturism organization neglects to include this as an issue worth funding. There is an allocation of funding for climate change of which biodiversity loss is partly included, but climate change is not the current driver for much of the preventable species extinction nd biodiversity loss occurring on the planet right now.

Myself and other concerned EA members would like to know what rational is used to justify this arguably huge important issue from being excluded from EA work? And what work would need to be done to demonstrate the importance of this issue in order to persuade EA organization this is worth directly including as part of the funding and resource allocation?