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I am currently the Director of Impactful Government Careers—an organisation focused on helping individuals find, secure, and excel in high impact civil service careers. My main interests are in improving institutional decision making as I believe even small changes could have substantial benefits for humanity.

I’ve spent the last 5 years working in the heart of the UK Government, with 4 of those at HM Treasury. My roles have included:

These roles have involved: advising UK Ministers on policy, spending, and strategy issues relating to international development; assessing the value for money of proposed high-value development projects; developing the 2021 CDEI Strategy and leading the organisational change related to this.

I have recently completed an MSc in Cognitive and Decision Sciences at UCL, where I have focused my research on probabilistic reasoning and improving individual and group decision-making processes. My final research project involved an experimental study into whether a short course (2 hours) on Bayesian reasoning could improve individual’s single-shot accuracy when forecasting geopolitical events. On the side, a colleague and me run a small project helping to improve predictive reasoning: https://​​​​

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