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I’m Product Manager at the EA Hub and a community builder based in Singapore. I have a BA in Sociology. I have a background in social movement theory and structural functionalism. Currently building career capital while doing EA projects on the side.

Current Projects:

Ap­ply Now to the EA Fel­low­ship Week­end! (March 26-28)

mellertson20 Feb 2021 0:27 UTC
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Ex­plo­ra­tory Ca­reers Land­scape Sur­vey 2020: Group Organisers

vaidehi_agarwalla30 Jan 2021 10:41 UTC
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[Question] EA Or­gani­sa­tions: If you cre­ated a se­quence about your ap­proach to do­ing good, what would you write?

vaidehi_agarwalla20 Jan 2021 16:07 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism as a So­cial Move­ment

vaidehi_agarwalla16 Jan 2021 6:55 UTC
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