Vaidehi Agarwalla

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I currenty work on Product at Momentum.

I’m a community builder based in the Bay. I previously worked in consulting, recruiting and marketing and have a BA in Sociology and focused on social movement theory and structural functionalism. I’ve written a little bit about my journey to EA.

/​’vɛðehi/​ or VEH-they-hee

Some posts I’ve written and particuarly like:

Pro­posed im­prove­ments to EAG(x) ad­mis­sions process

Elika30 Jan 2023 6:10 UTC
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6 comments3 min readEA link

Pineap­ple now lists mar­ket­ing, comms & fundrais­ing tal­ent, fis­cal spon­sor­ship recs, pri­vate database (Jan ’23 Up­date)

Vaidehi Agarwalla27 Jan 2023 17:40 UTC
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4 comments2 min readEA link

EAGx ap­pli­ca­tion com­mu­nity norms we’d like to see

Elika23 Dec 2022 17:27 UTC
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How lo­cal groups can lev­er­age EA conferences

Vaidehi Agarwalla21 Dec 2022 16:44 UTC
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