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My name is Wes. I’m currently figuring out career stuff/​life plans. I’m relatively new to the EA (I started interacting with it July 12, 2023)

A bill to pre­vent AI from hiring peo­ple in­stead of hu­man en­ploy­ers in NY

wes R15 Aug 2023 0:48 UTC
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QALYs per life saved

wes R22 Aug 2023 19:54 UTC
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How to calcu­late the ex­pected value of the best option

wes R26 Aug 2023 5:01 UTC
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Why It Works

wes R26 Aug 2023 5:07 UTC
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[Question] Who here knows?: Cryp­tog­ra­phy [An­swered]

wes R9 Sep 2023 20:30 UTC
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[Question] Ever Too Many EAs? [An­swered]

wes R12 Sep 2023 21:53 UTC
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