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The Wikis tag is for posts about the EA Forum Wiki, Wikipedia, or other wiki-style projects. This includes posts about the value of editing Wikipedia or creating new Wikipedia pages, and posts about the value of or attempts at building EA-focused wikis.

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Our plans for host­ing an EA wiki on the Forum

Aaron Gertler2 Mar 2021 12:45 UTC
127 points
74 comments5 min readEA link

The EA Fo­rum Edit­ing Fes­ti­val has be­gun!

Aaron Gertler7 Apr 2021 10:28 UTC
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Edit­ing Fes­ti­val: Re­sults and Prizes

Aaron Gertler29 May 2021 23:16 UTC
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Needed EA-re­lated Ar­ti­cles on the English Wikipedia

WikipediaEA27 Jun 2019 14:27 UTC
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Look­ing for Wikipe­dia ar­ti­cle writ­ers (top­ics in­clude many of in­ter­est to effec­tive al­tru­ists)

vipulnaik17 Apr 2016 4:37 UTC
10 points
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Wiki/​Sur­vey: Ex­pe­riences in fundrais­ing/​con­vinc­ing peo­ple/​or­gani­sa­tions to sup­port EA causes

david_reinstein25 Nov 2017 19:34 UTC
4 points
3 commentsEA link

[Question] Should we use wiki to im­prove knowl­edge man­age­ment within the com­mu­nity?

VPetukhov8 Dec 2019 23:30 UTC
31 points
26 comments1 min readEA link

An­nounc­ing the new EA Wiki!

Eric_Bruylant20 Oct 2015 0:31 UTC
15 points
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The case for build­ing more and bet­ter epistemic in­sti­tu­tions in the effec­tive al­tru­ism com­mu­nity

stefan.torges29 Mar 2020 17:01 UTC
124 points
21 comments6 min readEA link

An­no­tated List of Pro­ject Ideas & Vol­un­teer­ing Re­sources

vaidehi_agarwalla6 Jul 2020 3:29 UTC
54 points
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Long-Term Fu­ture Fund: April 2020 grants and recommendations

Habryka18 Sep 2020 10:28 UTC
40 points
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An­nounc­ing Pri­or­i­tyWiki: A Cause Pri­ori­ti­za­tion Wiki

Marcus_A_Davis18 Jun 2018 22:33 UTC
41 points
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Seek­ing feed­back on Cause Pri­ori­ti­za­tion Platform

adamkruger12 Aug 2019 22:06 UTC
8 points
4 comments1 min readEA link

EA In­fras­truc­ture Fund: May 2021 grant recommendations

Jonas Vollmer3 Jun 2021 1:01 UTC
87 points
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Should you donate to the Wiki­me­dia Foun­da­tion?

vipulnaik28 Mar 2015 18:58 UTC
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