[Question] Should we think more about EA dating?

Let’s face it, many of us EAs are weird. Good weird...but weird nonetheless.

A lot of us don’t like to spend much money...at all. Many of us forgo animal products on our plates. Some of us like discussing people who don’t even exist yet, and pretty much all of us like to think more with our head than our heart when it comes to doing good.

In the eyes of many people out there this pretty much makes us “undateable”. I mean, who wants to go out with a frugal vegan? Well...perhaps another frugal vegan?

The point I’m making is, maybe we’d be best shacking up with each other, and maybe there are things we can do to make this easier. We have the socials and events, but this brings me to another fact about EAs: we can sometimes be pretty socially awkward. How many of us have the social skills to find a partner at EA Global? Well, maybe some of us (that Will MacAskill is awfully dreamy).

So I do wonder if there’s anything we can do to make it easier for EAs to find other romantically-compatible EAs. An EA Tinder/​match.com? EA speed dating? EA singles events?

Or maybe I’ve gone off my rocker. Maybe the existing social events are good enough. Maybe we should go on regular tinder and find someone who can tolerate us. Maybe I get off the EA Forum, go outside and tell that cute girl I pass every day all about Peter Singer’s drowning child thought experiment.

What do you all think? Am I off my rocker?