[Question] How can I apply person-affecting views to Effective Altruism?

Hey everyone! I’m very interested in Effective Altruism, and most of my information on it comes from 80,000 Hours’ website. The info is very useful, but, as the title of this question suggests, I hold person-affecting views, so occurs to me that the world’s largest-scale and most serious problems might be different in my own worldview than in theirs (if you aren’t familiar with the term, person-affecting views are views that actions are only morally relevant to beings that will exist independent of whether or not the action is taken; for example, I think the world ending would be bad because 7 billion people would die, but not because their descendants were prevented from ever being born). Does anyone have thoughts for where I can find problem profiles and recommendations for an Effective Altruism lifestyle based on a person-affecting worldview (especially for a conservative Christian worldview)?

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