Introducing High Impact Athletes

Hi all,

A while back I posted on here asking if there were any other pro athlete aspiring EAs. The response (while not including other pro athletes) was amazing, and the conversations and contacts that manifested from this forum were myriad. Thank you deeply for being such an awesome community!

Now I am very pleased to say that High Impact Athletes has launched.

We are an EA aligned non-profit run by pro athletes. HIA aims to channel donations to the most effective, evidence-based charities in the world in the areas of Global Health & Poverty and Environmental Impact. We will harness the wealth, fame, and social influence of professional athletes to bring as many new people in to the effective altruism framework as possible and create the biggest possible snowball of donations to the places where they can do the most good.
You can poke around on the website to learn more at https://​​​​

Feedback is welcomed, and even more welcome is a follow on any of the socials. I’m terrible at social media and could use all the help I can get to build an audience.

Instagram: high.impact.athletes
Twitter: HIAorg
Facebook: @HIAorg

On that note, if anyone is interested in helping out with the social media side of things or knows anyone who would be please do get in touch either on here or at

Thank you once again, you’re all awesome.

Cheers, Marcus Daniell