[Question] Where should I donate?

I’m about to start a new job, so I will be able to donate a lot more money to charity in the coming year, but I’m really confused as to where I ought to donate. Some information about my situation and beliefs:

  • I’ll be earning about $100,000 after taxes, so I anticipate that I’ll want to donate between $1,000 and $5,000. I also run annual birthday fundraisers every October from my Facebook account—this year, I pulled in $400 for the Clean Air Task Force. I try to pick charities that are both high-impact by EA lights and within popular causes like climate change, so I’ll be able to spend more of my own money on more neglected or obscure causes.

  • I believe that future generations and animal lives have value. This makes me think that I should donate to organizations like the Wild Animal Initiative and Fish Welfare Initiative, which may be able to help billions of animals going into the future.

  • Although I care a lot about existential risks, I worry that a lot of longtermist funding is going toward AI safety, and not enough EA funding is going toward more neglected and obscure x-risks, such as the ones on this list. I would like to see more research into how x-risks compare against one another to help with prioritization, and I would like to fund more work on underfunded areas like s-risks. Also, I’m hesitant to donate to the LTFF because it seems over-weighted toward AI safety, but I’m open to being persuaded that I should still donate to it or that AIS is underfunded.

  • I’m interested in funding “broad longtermist” interventions—ones that make society better able to deal with future challenges in general, like better institutional decision-making, reducing great-power conflict, and protecting liberal democracy. Ben Todd notes (10:34 in this talk) that this category is greatly under-resourced. I care about liberal democracy for longtermist as well as non-EA reasons, and although it seems like it’s already really popular, I’m not confident that the existing funding is going to the best interventions.

  • I’m also interested in longtermist interventions to reduce global poverty and promote economic growth—maybe something like the Center for Global Development?

I would appreciate any advice as to where I should donate and what proportions I should allocate to each org in the coming year, given what I’ve said here.