Progress Open Thread: November 2020

The Progress Open Thread is a place to share good news, big or small.

See this post for an explanation of why we have these threads.

What goes in a progress thread comment?

Think of this as an org update thread for individuals. You might talk about...

  • Securing a new job, internship, grant, or scholarship

  • Starting or making progress on a personal project

  • Helping someone else get involved in EA

  • Making a donation you feel really excited about

  • Taking the Giving What We Can pledge or signing up for Try Giving

  • Writing something you liked outside the Forum (whether it’s a paper you’ve submitted to a journal or just an insightful Facebook comment)

  • Any of the above happening to someone else, if you think they’d be happy for you to share the news

  • Other EA-related progress in the world (disease eradication, cage-free laws, cool new research papers, etc.)