Progress Open Thread: October //​ Student Summit 2020

We’re try­ing a new kind of monthly open thread: the progress thread!

Years ago, the Fo­rum used to have an “Ac­com­plish­ments Open Thread” where peo­ple could dis­cuss re­cent wins in their EA work/​dona­tions/​etc. I loved read­ing those; they made me feel like part of a grow­ing, trans­for­ma­tive move­ment.

When those open threads stopped, we lost an easy way for peo­ple to show off the progress they make on a month-to-month ba­sis. So we brought the con­cept back.

What goes in a progress thread com­ment?

Think of this as an org up­date thread for in­di­vi­d­u­als. You might talk about...

  • Se­cur­ing a new job, in­tern­ship, grant, or scholarship

  • Start­ing or mak­ing progress on a per­sonal project

  • Helping some­one else get in­volved in EA

  • Mak­ing a dona­tion you feel re­ally ex­cited about

  • Tak­ing the Giv­ing What We Can pledge or sign­ing up for Try Giving

  • Writ­ing some­thing you liked out­side the Fo­rum (whether it’s a pa­per you’ve sub­mit­ted to a jour­nal or just an in­sight­ful Face­book com­ment)

  • Any of the above hap­pen­ing to some­one else, if you think they’d be happy for you to share the news

  • Other EA-re­lated progress in the world (dis­ease erad­i­ca­tion, cage-free laws, cool new re­search pa­pers, etc.)

Th­ese up­dates can be very short. But you might also want to talk about peo­ple, or­ga­ni­za­tions, or re­sources that were use­ful to you. Some­one might have been coun­ter­fac­tu­ally re­spon­si­ble for some of your progress and not even know it!

This is a hu­mil­ity-free zone

It can feel awk­ward to share good news on­line. You may feel like you’re brag­ging, or over­sel­ling your suc­cess.

This is a le­gi­t­i­mate thing to worry about. In some spaces, shar­ing good news could be un­couth, a faux pas, a so­cial blun­der.

But this isn’t that kind of space. The EA Fo­rum team humbly re­quests that you brag, bask in your suc­cess, and shout your progress to the roof­tops. Have at it!

(Good epistemics are still highly en­couraged. Avoid over­sel­ling your suc­cess — but don’t un­der­sell it, ei­ther!)

Wel­come, Stu­dent Sum­mit!

Once the Stu­dent Sum­mit starts, we’ll be en­courag­ing at­ten­dees to post here if they learn some­thing use­ful, change their plans, have a re­ally good meet­ing, etc.

If you came here from the Sum­mit: Wel­come! We’re ex­cited to hear from you.


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