[Question] What are the leading critiques of “longtermism” and related concepts

By longter­mism I mean “Longter­mism =df the view that the most im­por­tant de­ter­mi­nant of the value of our ac­tions to­day is how those ac­tions af­fect the very long-run fu­ture.”

I want to clar­ify my thoughts around longter­mism as an idea—and to un­der­stand bet­ter why some as­pects of how it is used within EA make me un­com­fortable de­spite my gen­eral sup­port of the idea.

I’m do­ing a liter­a­ture search but be­cause this is pri­mar­ily an EA con­cept that I’m fa­mil­iar with from within EA I’m mostly fa­mil­iar with work (e.g Nick Bead­stead etc) ad­vo­cates of this po­si­tion. I’d like to un­der­stand what the lead­ing challenges and cri­tiques to this po­si­tion are (if any) as well. I know of some within the EA com­mu­nity (Kauf­mann) but not of what the po­si­tion is in aca­demic work or out­side of the EA Com­mu­nity.