[Question] What book(s) would you want a gifted teenager to come across?

As part of my role as a teacher in a sixth-form col­lege for gifted stu­dents, I have the op­tion of re­quest­ing books be bought for the library. I do some EA out­reach as part of my job (more de­tails here, I’m “Alex”), but am pri­mar­ily in­ter­ested here in books that peo­ple feel might provide a nudge in an EA di­rec­tion to stu­dents who haven’t oth­er­wise en­gaged with effec­tive al­tru­ism. As well as ob­tain­ing recom­mended books for my own school’s library, I am ex­plor­ing the pos­si­bil­ity of donat­ing highly recom­mended books to the libraries of other very high perform­ing sixth forms, sev­eral of which I already have con­nec­tions with, and sev­eral oth­ers I could eas­ily make.

The school already has copies of the 80,000 hours ca­reer guide, The Life You Can Save, and Su­per­in­tel­li­gence, though I am still in­ter­ested in com­ments (pos­i­tive or not) on these. The more de­tails you can add about why you’ve recom­mended (or not) a book, the bet­ter.