[Question] Are there good EA projects for helping with COVID-19?

I think I (and some other EAs) are in a pos­si­bly rare cat­e­gory of be­ing young, healthy, and hav­ing un­usu­ally high fi­nan­cial, etc sta­bil­ity so we can take time off our work/​stud­ies and other pro­jects to fully fo­cus on this.

In ad­di­tion, some of us may have es­pe­cially rele­vant skills. (For ex­am­ple, many of us have ex­ten­sive am­a­teur or pro­fes­sional ex­pe­rience on an­a­lyz­ing tail risks).

While I agree that there should be a strong prior against EAs work­ing on dis­aster re­lief, I think this is plau­si­bly differ­ent from other dis­aster re­lief situ­a­tions be­cause it’s likely to be un­usu­ally bad and hu­man­ity is un­usu­ally ill-pre­pared rel­a­tive to pre­vi­ous dis­asters.

I’m ten­ta­tively more op­ti­mistic about new pro­jects than about donat­ing money or join­ing ex­ist­ing orgs, since this seems like an im­por­tant space to move fast on.