Introducing GiveHealth: a giving Pledge for healthcare workers (and a call for volunteers)


GiveHealth is a new EA-inspired effective giving organisation. It is a community of healthcare professionals who have taken a public Pledge to donate at least 1% of their income to the most effective global health charities.

Visitors to the website can Learn about effective giving, their relative wealth on the global stage, how healthcare professionals can improve their impact, the activities of GiveWell and the highly effective nature of the charities recommended by GiveWell.

Healthcare professionals are invited to take a public Pledge to donate at least 1% of their income to GiveWell’s top charities for the rest of their lives. They can use the Pledge Calculator to determine their monthly/​annual donations based on their salary and desired donation percentage. Once they have taken the Pledge their name, profession and location will be displayed on the GiveHealth Community Board, and they can learn about the Charities recommended by GiveWell and follow the links to the donation page of their chosen charities. Pledge takers will receive a survey on each anniversary of their Pledge to capture their donation activities over the previous year so GiveHealth can measure the value of donations it is influencing. Anybody can sign up to the GiveHealth monthly newsletter.

Healthcare professionals of all disciplines (nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, doctors, etc) and kinds (clinicians, researchers, managers, policy-makers, students, retired professionals, etc) of any level of seniority, from any part of the world, are welcome to sign the GiveHealth Pledge.


Healthcare professionals are a self-selected group of generally altruistic individuals who both care about improving the health of others and are motivated to do so. There is also a strong sense of community and camaraderie amongst healthcare professionals, while their awareness and understanding of EA and its principles is generally low.

Giving What We Can has shown the public Pledge model to be an effective vehicle for generating donations (by fostering commitment, community and culture), which GiveHealth has combined with a lower barrier to entry (at least 1% of income rather than 10%) that we feel is more appropriate for a group less familiar with EA. Pledge takers are still able to sign the Giving What We Can pledge, and their GiveHealth pledge can be included within, rather than in addition to, their GWWC pledge (since both pledges commit the individual to donating to effective charities) – for example, donating 10% of income can satisfy both a 10% GiveHealth Pledge and the 10% GWWC pledge.

We hope the existing strong sense of community between healthcare professionals, and the 1% low barrier to entry, can be harnessed to generate Pledge-taking momentum amongst these professionals, while increasing their awareness and understanding of EA. In this manner, GiveHealth could be regarded as the healthcare profession analogue of High Impact Athletes and Raising for Effective Giving, which are EA-inspired communities of effective giving relevant to specific professions (elite athletes and professional poker players, respectively).


Healthcare professionals from anywhere in the world are welcome and encouraged to take the GiveHealth Pledge.


The Co-Founders of GiveHealth are three UK-trained doctors – Richard Armitage (GP in UK), Alastair Yeoh (infectious diseases doctor in UK) and George Altman (intern in Australia).


GiveHealth is currently run on an entirely voluntary basis by the three Co-Founders alongside their full-time work as frontline healthcare professionals. No funds were raised from external sources. The Co-Founders used their own funds to build and maintain the GiveHealth website. Supporters can donate funds directly to the project (to cover website maintenance fees, administrative costs, etc) via the Support page.

Our ask

If you’re a healthcare professional of any discipline – practicing, studying or retired – anywhere in the world, then please consider taking the GiveHealth Pledge. Please also tell the healthcare professionals in your network about GiveHealth and direct them to the website.

Call for healthcare volunteers

We are also looking for volunteers to help the organisation grow. We would like to recruit Leads for each country and each healthcare profession. The main task for Leads will be to promote GiveHealth in their designated country and healthcare profession and to recruit Pledge-takers. Work can be carried out on a flexible basis and will require less than 3 hours per week. If you’re interested in volunteering or would like to learn more about these roles, please email us on