[Question] What are some artworks relevant to EA?

[Question motivated by personal interest: I’m asking for myself, not for my employer.]

I’m interested in a wide variety of media; the two most important factors here seem to be relevance to EA and the inherent coolness of the artwork. We could use this an opportunity to crowdsource examples and kick off a conversation about art and EA if there’s one that “wants to happen.”

Some things to consider:

If you don’t think the relevance of your answer(s) is obvious, you might consider explaining it.

If you’ve made some art you think is relevant, I’d really love to see it. I realize that it’s quite intimidating to post art (at least to me), but even if you don’t want to share publicly, I’d really appreciate any private sharing you’re comfortable with. (But I do encourage you to share it on the Forum if you can!)

Some relevant tags and posts:

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