Marginal Funding Week (Giving Season 2023)

It’s Marginal Funding Week until Tuesday, 21 November!

  • Share how your project would use extra funding

  • Read about different projects’ funding gaps and opportunities to decide where to donate and how to vote

This sequence shares posts on this topic. We’ll later also collect a summary of the key information in one post at the end of the week.

[Question] How would your pro­ject use ex­tra fund­ing? (Marginal Fund­ing Week)

The EA An­i­mal Welfare Fund (Once Again) Has Sig­nifi­cant Room For More Funding

Re­think Pri­ori­ties needs your sup­port. Here’s what we’d do with it.

Fish Welfare Ini­ti­a­tive and Marginal Funding

Fund­ing AI Safety poli­ti­cal ad­vo­cacy in the US: In­di­vi­d­ual donors and small dona­tions may be es­pe­cially helpful

CEA is fundrais­ing, and fund­ing constrained

Fund­ing pri­ori­ties at the Good Food In­sti­tute Europe: what ad­di­tional im­pact will be cre­ated by marginal grants to GFI Europe?

High Im­pact Medicine—Im­pact Sur­vey Re­sults and Marginal Funding

Spiro—New TB char­ity rais­ing seed funds

The Hu­mane League—Room for More Fund­ing & 2023 Impact

Ma­ter­nal Health Ini­ti­a­tive—Marginal Fund­ing & 1st Year in Review

What Does a Marginal Grant at LTFF Look Like? Fund­ing Pri­ori­ties and Grant­mak­ing Thresh­olds at the Long-Term Fu­ture Fund

What do Marginal Grants at EAIF Look Like? Fund­ing Pri­ori­ties and Grant­mak­ing Thresh­olds at the EA In­fras­truc­ture Fund

CEEALAR is fund­ing constrained

EA Poland is fac­ing an ex­is­ten­tial risk

AMA: The Hu­mane League UK—farmed an­i­mal welfare, our fund­ing gap and match fund­ing cam­paign. Ask us any­thing.

2023 ALLFED Marginal Fund­ing Appeal

GWWC is fund­ing con­strained (and prefers broad-base sup­port)

AMF – Reflect­ing on 2023 and look­ing ahead to 2024

Im­pact­ful An­i­mal Ad­vo­cacy: Build­ing Com­mu­nity Infrastructure

Diminish­ing marginal impact