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Anthropics is the study of observation selection effects.


LessWrong (2012) Observation selection effect, LessWrong Wiki, June 26.

[Question] What is the rea­son­ing be­hind the “an­thropic shadow” effect?

tobycrisford3 Sep 2019 13:21 UTC
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EA read­ing list: pop­u­la­tion ethics, in­finite ethics, an­thropic ethics

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Quan­tify­ing an­thropic effects on the Fermi paradox

Lukas_Finnveden15 Feb 2019 10:47 UTC
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Sav­ing Aver­age Utili­tar­i­anism from Tarsney - Self-Indi­ca­tion As­sump­tion can­cels solip­sis­tic swamp­ing.

wuschel16 May 2021 13:47 UTC
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