Gene drives

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Gene drives are natural or artificial processes that favor the inheritance of certain genes throughout a population. Target Malaria is developing gene drives to change the genomes of malaria-carrying mosquitoes to eradicate the disease.

A re­view of the safety & effi­cacy of ge­net­i­cally en­g­ineered mosquitoes

Anj15 Feb 2016 23:26 UTC
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Philan­thropy Ad­vi­sory Fel­low­ship: Gene Drive Report

egastfriend6 Mar 2016 3:40 UTC
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Ge­orge Church, Kevin Esvelt, & Nathan Labenz: Open un­til dan­ger­ous — gene drive and the case for re­form­ing research

EA Global2 Jun 2017 8:48 UTC
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Trans­genic mosquitoes, up­date Effec­tive Altru­ism Policy Analytics

Gentzel10 Aug 2016 17:37 UTC
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Ge­orge Church: CRISPR and other tech­nolo­gies for global effec­tive altruism

EA Global2 Jun 2017 8:48 UTC
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Re­duc­ing long-term risks from malev­olent actors

David_Althaus29 Apr 2020 8:55 UTC
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Per­sis­tence and re­versibil­ity – long-term de­sign con­sid­er­a­tions for wild an­i­mal welfare

Wild_Animal_Initiative28 Jan 2020 8:49 UTC
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Tar­get Malaria be­gins a first ex­per­i­ment on the re­lease of ster­ile mosquitoes in Africa

EdoArad5 Jul 2019 4:58 UTC
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Kevin Esvelt and Genya Dana: Beyond malaria

EA Global5 Aug 2016 9:19 UTC
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