Holden Karnofsky

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Holden Karnofsky (born 1981) is an American philanthropist. He is co-CEO of Open Philanthropy and a co-founder and board member of GiveWell.

Further reading

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External links

Cold Takes. Karnofsky’s blog.

Holden Karnofsky. Effective Altruism Forum account.

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Holden Karnofsky on build­ing ap­ti­tudes and kick­ing ass

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Com­ments for shorter Cold Takes pieces

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Row­ing, Steer­ing, An­chor­ing, Equity, Mutiny

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Ideal gov­er­nance (for com­pa­nies, coun­tries and more)

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New se­ries of posts an­swer­ing one of Holden’s “Im­por­tant, ac­tion­able re­search ques­tions”

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