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Par­ent­ing: Things I wish I could tell my past self

Michelle_Hutchinson12 Sep 2020 14:22 UTC
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[Question] Why do EAs have chil­dren?

lukefreeman15 Mar 2021 3:17 UTC
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Rob Wiblin and Michelle Hutch­in­son: Longter­mism, par­ent­ing, and get­ting the best advice

EA Global21 Nov 2020 8:12 UTC
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[Question] Why do so few EAs and Ra­tion­al­ists have chil­dren?

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Par­ent­hood and effec­tive altruism

Bernadette_Young14 Apr 2014 1:28 UTC
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A small ob­ser­va­tion about the value of hav­ing kids

kbog19 Jan 2020 2:37 UTC
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Should effec­tive al­tru­ists have chil­dren?

Jeffray_Behr14 Nov 2020 23:53 UTC
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Against anti-na­tal­ism; or: why cli­mate change should not be a sig­nifi­cant fac­tor in your de­ci­sion to have children

ben.smith26 Feb 2020 10:04 UTC
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On mak­ing spaces friendlier to parents

Julia_Wise27 Jan 2015 22:06 UTC
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