An­i­mal welfare regulation

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The animal welfare regulation tag encompasses discussions and content related to the creation, implementation, and enforcement of rules, policies, and guidelines pertaining to animal welfare. This tag covers a wide range of topics, such as governance frameworks, policy proposals, legal and ethical concerns, international collaboration, and the involvement of various stakeholders in ensuring a secure, transparent, and responsible approach to animal welfare.

In­de­pen­dent Office of An­i­mal Protection

Animal Ask22 Nov 2022 12:00 UTC
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Fish used as live bait by recre­ational fishermen

saulius8 Aug 2018 20:56 UTC
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Link: EU con­sid­ers drop­ping stric­ter an­i­mal welfare mea­sures (Fi­nan­cial Times)

Matt Goodman12 Sep 2023 18:33 UTC
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The Deter­mi­nants of Adopt­ing In­ter­na­tional Vol­un­tary Cer­tifi­ca­tion Schemes for Farmed Fish and Shrimp in China and Thailand

jojo_lee17 Nov 2022 12:02 UTC
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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Data-Driven Wildlife Protection

Chad Patrick Osorio31 Aug 2022 8:45 UTC
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[Cause Ex­plo­ra­tion Prizes] Farmed An­i­mal Welfare in Sub-Sa­haran Africa

Open Philanthropy24 Aug 2022 10:39 UTC
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[Question] Will EU/​ESMA fi­nan­cial reg­u­la­tion on ESG Fund Names in­clude an­i­mal welfare? Should some­one ask them to?

Ramiro25 Dec 2022 12:52 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing Healthier Hens

lukasj1025 Oct 2021 16:16 UTC
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CCTV cam­eras in slaugh­ter­houses: Modest benefits for an­i­mal welfare

Animal Ask27 Sep 2022 14:50 UTC
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Free-Rang­ing Dog Welfare in In­dia as a Cause Area

Akash Kulgod8 Aug 2022 14:53 UTC
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An­nounc­ing Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship’s 2023 ideas. Ap­ply now.

KarolinaSarek4 Oct 2022 16:14 UTC
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Global cochineal pro­duc­tion: scale, welfare con­cerns, and po­ten­tial interventions

abrahamrowe11 Feb 2020 21:33 UTC
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Sum­mary: The Im­por­tance of End-of-Life Welfare | Brown­ing & Veit

Vasco Grilo22 Apr 2022 10:19 UTC
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Es­ti­mates of global cap­tive ver­te­brate numbers

saulius18 Feb 2020 17:05 UTC
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Mov­able Vir­tual Fenc­ing Sys­tems and Live­stock Welfare

Open Philanthropy23 Aug 2022 11:41 UTC
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Does Sen­tience Leg­is­la­tion help an­i­mals?

Animal Ask9 Dec 2022 10:58 UTC
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