[Question] What posts are you thinking about writing?

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I’m posting this to tie in with the Forum’s Draft Amnesty Week (March 11-17) plans, but please also use this thread for posts you don’t plan to write for draft amnesty. The last time this question was posted, it got some great responses.

This post is a companion post for What posts would you like someone to write?.

If you have a couple of ideas, consider whether putting them in separate answers, or numbering them, would make receiving feedback easier.

It would be great to see:

  • 1-2 sentence descriptions of ideas as well as further-along ideas. You could even attach a Google Doc with comment access if you’re looking for feedback.

  • Commenters signalling with Reactions and upvotes the content they’d like to see written.

  • Commenters responding with helpful resources.

  • Commenters proposing Dialogues with authors who suggest similar ideas, or which they have an interesting disagreement with (Draft Amnesty Week might be a great time for scrappy/​ unedited dialogues).

Draft Amnesty Week

If you are getting encouragement for one of your ideas, Draft Amnesty Week (March 11-17) might be a great time to post it. Posts that are tagged “Draft Amnesty Week” don’t have to be fully thought through, or even fully drafted. Bullet points and missing sections are allowed so that you can have a lower bar for posting.