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I’m a medical doctor, co-founder of EA Denmark, and author.

I recently concluded a research project on biosecurity at Stanford and the CDC and I’m now looking for impactful ways of furthering the EA community.

I also care a lot about developing altruistic talent and help them to reach impactful positions via personal development and education. Some years ago, I wrote a book on effective learning and worked as a lecturer where I created a course on the topic for medical students.

In­ter­ro­gat­ing Impact

SebastianSchmidt21 Nov 2020 11:16 UTC
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How to give advice

SebastianSchmidt31 Oct 2020 13:56 UTC
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Strat­egy-de­vel­op­ment for EA groups: Les­sons learned from EA Den­mark

SebastianSchmidt17 Aug 2019 14:05 UTC
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EA com­mu­nity build­ing grant: Les­sons learned from work­ing part-time on EA Denmark

SebastianSchmidt28 Sep 2018 11:18 UTC
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