Propose and vote on potential tags

(I have no as­so­ci­a­tion with the EA Fo­rum team or CEA, and this idea comes with no offi­cial man­date. I’m open to sug­ges­tions of to­tally differ­ent ways of do­ing this.)

Up­date: Aaron here. This has our offi­cial man­date now, and I’m sub­scribed to the post so that I’ll be no­tified of ev­ery com­ment. Please sug­gest tags!

The EA Fo­rum now has tags, and users can now make tags them­selves. I think this is re­ally cool, and I’ve now made a bunch of tags.

But I find it hard to de­cide whether some tag ideas are worth in­clud­ing, vs be­ing too fine-grained or too similar to ex­ist­ing tags. I also feel some hes­i­ta­tion about tak­ing too much unilat­eral ac­tion. I imag­ine some other fo­rum users might feel the same way about tag ideas they have, some of which might be re­ally good! (See also this thread.)

So I pro­pose that this post be­comes a thread where peo­ple can com­ment with a tag idea there’s some­what un­sure about, and then other peo­ple can up­vote it or down­vote it based on whether they think it should in­deed be its own tag. De­tails:

  • I am not say­ing you should always com­ment here be­fore mak­ing a tag. I have nei­ther the power nor the in­cli­na­tion to stop you just mak­ing tags you’re fairly con­fi­dent should ex­ist!

  • I sug­gest hav­ing a low bar for com­ment­ing here, such as “this is just a thought that oc­curred to me” or “5% chance this tag should ex­ist”. It’s of­ten good to be open to rais­ing all sorts of ideas when brain­storm­ing, and ap­ply most of the screen­ing pres­sure af­ter the ideas are raised.

    • The tag ideas I’ve com­mented about my­self are all “just spit­bal­ling”.

  • Feel free to also pro­pose al­ter­na­tive tag la­bels, pro­pose a rough tag de­scrip­tion, note what other tags are re­lated to this one, note what you see as the ar­gu­ments for and against that tag, and/​or list some posts that would be in­cluded in this tag. (But also feel free to sim­ply sug­gest a tag la­bel.)

  • Feel free to com­ment on other peo­ple’s ideas to do any of the above things (pro­pose al­ter­na­tive la­bels, etc.).

  • Make a sep­a­rate com­ment for each tag idea.

  • Prob­a­bly up­vote or down­vote just based on the tag idea it­self; to ad­dress the ex­tra ideas in the com­ment (e.g., the pro­posed de­scrip­tion), leave a re­ply.

  • Maybe try not to hold back with the down­votes. Peo­ple com­ment­ing here would do so speci­fi­cally be­cause they want other peo­ple’s hon­est in­put, and they never claimed their tag idea was definitely good so the down­vote isn’t re­ally dis­agree­ing with them.

Also feel free to use this as a thread to dis­cuss (and up­vote or down­vote sug­ges­tions re­gard­ing) ex­ist­ing tags that might not be worth hav­ing, or might be worth re­nam­ing or tweak­ing the scope of, or what-have-you. For ex­am­ple, I cre­ated the tag Poli­ti­cal Po­lari­sa­tion, but I’ve also left a com­ment here about whether it should be changed or re­moved.