Open Thread: June — September 2022


If you’re new to the EA Forum:

  • Consider using this thread to introduce yourself!

  • You could talk about how you found effective altruism, what causes you work on and care about, or personal details that aren’t EA-related at all.

  • (You can also put this info into your Forum bio.)


  • If you have something to share that doesn’t feel like a full post, add it here! (You can also create a Shortform post.)

  • You might also share good news, big or small (See this post for ideas.)

  • You can also ask questions about anything that confuses you (and you can answer them, or discuss the answers).

For inspiration, you can see the last open thread here.

Other Forum resources

  1. 🖋️ Write on the EA Forum

  2. 🦋 Guide to norms on the Forum

  3. 🛠️ Forum User Manual

I personally like adding pretty images to my Forum posts.