What does Trump mean for EA?

I’d like to open up a thread for both griev­ing and pro­duc­tive dis­cus­sion about whether/​how this elec­tion should cause us to re­con­sider our work.

I’ll be hon­est, I’ve never felt so scared in my life for the fu­ture of uni­verse. I am re­luc­tant to ad­mit it, but I do live with a cer­tain op­ti­mistic nar­ra­tive of how my life and world his­tory is sup­posed to play out. This was not sup­posed to be part of the story. This event has caused me to think more se­ri­ously about fo­cus­ing on party poli­tics and poli­ti­cal or­ga­niz­ing with broad pro­gres­sive coal­i­tions, and scal­ing back my fo­cus on pure an­i­mal rights ad­vo­cacy. Also when I re­flect on the skill and effort that folks like Rob Wiblin and Peter Hur­ford poured into this elec­tion, I am ex­cited by the prospect of other EAs redi­rect­ing our efforts and work­ing to­gether on poli­ti­cal or­ga­niz­ing.

I’d love to hear oth­ers’ thoughts on this and how ev­ery­one’s feel­ing about the elec­tion. And as a fi­nal note, I want to say that I ap­pre­ci­ate this com­mu­nity more than ever.