[Question] Should recent events make us more or less concerned about biorisk?

On the one hand, I think we’ve seen enough ev­i­dence that gov­ern­ment, etc., in­sti­tu­tions are sur­pris­ingly in­ad­e­quate at even deal­ing with a nat­u­ral pan­demic that by all ac­counts have sub­stan­tially less con­cern­ing prop­er­ties than a se­vere bio-en­g­ineered pan­demic.

On the other hand, a clas­si­cal rea­son given for be­ing less con­cerned about biorisk his­tor­i­cally is that we’ll see “warn­ing shots” be­fore the real thing (in a way that we’re less likely to see with, eg, AI). In a way, COVID-19 is one such “warn­ing shot.” So I ex­pect gov­ern­ments, large non-EA donors, pub­lic health peo­ple and the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion of smart young peo­ple, etc., to all make the up­date to be much more con­cerned about pan­demics and in­sti­tu­tional re­silience to them.

On bal­ance, I weakly think cur­rent events should lead us to be less con­cerned about fu­ture biorisk. What do you guys think?