[Question] What are the EA movement’s most notable accomplishments?

I’m responsible for maintaining effectivealtruism.org/​impact.

Ideally, I’d like the page to be a really excellent summary that answers the questions:

  • “What has EA actually accomplished?”

  • “What kinds of things do people in EA actually work on?”

Without doing any of the following:

  • Taking credit for people who do EA-like things but have no formal connection to us, or whose total connection consists of “speaking at EA Global one time”

  • Heavily weighting one area over the rest (50 animal welfare suggestions = helpful, but I’m not going to include all of them)

  • Totally overwhelming visitors to the page (I plan to add a floating table of contents, but I still think this should be more like “greatest hits” than “full sum of everything everyone has ever done”)

And I’d like the epistemics to be top-notch — “may” and “might have” where appropriate, not conflating the funding of a program with a problem actually getting solved, etc.

Obviously, the current page is far from optimal. I’d highly appreciate any suggestions for items to include or edits to make, as well as upvotes for items you agree with.

No need to check all the other answers to see whether yours is redundant — if the same thing gets multiple suggestions, that’s good to know!