Anti-ag­ing research

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Anti-aging research is research aimed at curing or slowing down the physical consequences of aging, which are the root cause of most diseases and suffering associated with ill-health. At present, comparatively few resources are spent on anti-aging research, relative to the benefits that breakthroughs in this area could bring about. For example, in 2019 the National Institutes of Health spent less than two percent of its budget on aging (National Institutes of Health 2020).

There is some disagreement concerning the best way to make progress on anti-aging. Some researchers claim that progress depends crucially on improving our knowledge of the metabolic pathways involved in the aging process—this is the approach favored by most research institutions. An alternative approach seeks to find ways to periodically repair the cellular and molecular damage caused by aging, without necessarily understanding the aging process itself. The SENS Research Foundation, an organization explicitly set up with the aim of ending aging, has pioneered this alternative approach (De Grey & Rae 2007).


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An engaging story that seeks to highlight the importance of ending aging.

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