Carl Shulman

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Carl Matthew Shulman (born ca. 1982) is a Canadian-American researcher. He is currently a Research Associate at the Future of Humanity Institute and an Advisor to Open Philanthropy. Previously, he was a Research Fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and Director of Careers Research at 80,000 Hours. He also worked at Clarium Capital, an investment management and hedge fund company, and at Reed Smith LLP, a global law firm. Shulman attended New York University School of Law and holds a BA in philosophy from Harvard University.

Shulman has made substantive contributions to several areas, including career choice, open borders, wild animal welfare, existential risk, decision theory, whole brain emulation, earning to give, among many others. Concepts and ideas original to him include iterated embryo selection, hedonium, donor lotteries, and others.

Shulman administers a $5 million discretionary fund held by the Centre for Effective Altruism, funded by an Open Philanthropy grant (Open Philanthropy 2018).


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