The Possibility of an Ongoing Moral Catastrophe (Summary)

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A few years ago, I made a out­line of Evan G. Willi­ams’ ex­cel­lent philos­o­phy pa­per, for a lo­cal dis­cus­sion group. It slowly got cir­cu­lated on the EA in­ter­net. Some­body re­cently recom­mended that I make the sum­mary more widely known, so here it is.

The pa­per is read­able and not be­hind a pay­wall, so I’d highly recom­mend read­ing the origi­nal pa­per if you have the time.

I’m un­cer­tain whether it makes sense to link sum­maries on the EA Fo­rum in­stead of just the origi­nal pa­per. I’m more than happy to take this post down if ad­vised to do so.