[Question] Are there any other pro athlete aspiring EAs?

I’m start­ing an EA al­igned non-profit called High Im­pact Ath­letes that is aiming to fun­nel dona­tions from cur­rent and re­tired pro ath­letes and their fans to­wards the most effec­tive orgs in the world.

It’s still early stage but I won­dered if there were any pro or ex ath­letes hid­ing in the EA Fo­rum who might be in­ter­ested in sup­port­ing the idea? I be­lieve pro sport is a rel­a­tively un­tapped space for EA and po­ten­tially has huge pul­ling power if the ath­letes get their fans on board.

Many thanks,

Mar­cus Daniell


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