AMA: Owen Cotton-Barratt, RSP Director

I’m planning to spend time on the afternoon (UK time) of Wednesday 2nd September answering questions here (though I may get to some sooner). Ask me anything!

A little about me:

  • I work at the Future of Humanity Institute, where I run the Research Scholars Programme, which is a 2-year programme to give space for junior researchers (or possible researchers) to explore or get deep into something

    • (Applications currently open! Last full day we’re accepting them is 13th September)

  • I’ve been thinking about EA/​longtermist strategy for the better part of a decade

  • A lot of my research has approached the question of how we can make good decisions under deep uncertainty; this ranges from the individual to the collective, and the theoretical to the pragmatic

  • I think my intellectual contributions have often involved clarifying or helping build more coherent versions of ideas/​plans/​questions

  • I predict that I’ll typically have more to say to relatively precise questions (where broad questions are more likely to get a view like “it depends”)