Net­work building

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Network building refers to developing the EA network to include non-EA actors, organisations, and communities. For more information, see Nash (2019).

Examples of network building efforts include: Effective Altruism Consulting Network, High Impact Athletes, Raising for Effective Giving, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations (London), promoting positive values (80,000 Hours 2016) e.g. Lipsitz (2020), EA Asia, and more.


80,000 Hours (2016) Broadly promoting positive values, in ‘Our current list of especially pressing world problems’, 80,000 Hours.

Lipsitz, Daniel (2020) EA for non-EA people: “External movement-building”, YouTube, June 20.

Nash, David (2019) Community vs network, Effective Altruism Forum, December 12.

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