Value of move­ment growth

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People often debate the value of movement growth in effective altruism.

It may seem that, in order for the effective altruism movement to do as much good as possible, the movement should aim to grow as much as possible. However, there are risks to rapid growth that may be avoidable if we aim to grow more slowly and deliberately. For example, rapid growth could lead to a large influx of people with specific interests/​priorities who slowly reorient the entire movement to focus on those interests/​priorities.

There could also be downsides to growing larger even if that’s done slowly and deliberately. For example, it may increase the difficulties of altruistic coordination.

This tag is meant for posts that discuss questions about how large the movement should grow, how quickly, and why, rather than posts that only cover strategies to bolster movement growth (for such posts, see the movement building tag). Posts that discuss growth strategies in light of potential downsides of growth could fit this tag.


Anonymous (2020) Anonymous contributors answer: Should the effective altruism community grow faster or slower? And should it be broader, or narrower?, 80,000 Hours, February 17.

Cotton-Barratt, Owen (2015) How valuable is movement growth?, Effective Altruism Forum, May 14.

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