[Question] What concrete question would you like to see debated? I might organise some debates.

I get bored by long form discussions and gain a lot from seeing people discuss in person. There are lots of contextual cues that we lose if it’s just blocks of text going back and forth. What’s more, many of these discussions need some time pressure, otherwise they become self-indulgent and even longer.

I want to organise some zoom debates


  • Standard debate rules suck. They are about winning, not finding truth. If I run debates, each debater will get to lead the discussion in 10 minute chunks, rather than making speeches. My suggested debate format.

  • I am not interested in vague questions. I want actual tangible questions with real answers.

With that in mind, what concrete questions would you like to see two people debate, in real time, in a format that encourages them to understand and engage with one another and that is time-boxed.