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The Global Priorities Institute (GPI) is an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Oxford whose aim is to conduct foundational research that informs the decision-making of individuals and institutions seeking to do as much good as possible. It is directed by Hilary Greaves.

GPI was established in January 2018 with a seed grant of £2 million from Open Philanthropy and a commitment of another £2 million from two private philanthropists (University of Oxford 2018). Currently, GPI’s research focuses on two main areas: longtermism and general issues in cause prioritization.


Greaves, Hilary et al. (2019) A research agenda for the Global Priorities Institute, Global Priorities Institute, February.

University of Oxford (2018) Global Priorities Institute opens at Oxford, Development Office, April 5.

Wiblin, Robert & Kieran Harris (2018) Philosophy Prof Hilary Greaves on moral cluelessness, population ethics, probability within a multiverse, & harnessing the brainpower of academia to tackle the most important research questions, 80,000 Hours, October 23.

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