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The India tag is for posts that are about India, that address how India is relevant to various issues people in the effective altruism community care about, or that are relevant to how one could have an impact by engaging with India.

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Three char­i­ta­ble recom­men­da­tions for COVID-19 in India

Tejas Subramaniam5 May 2021 8:23 UTC
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[Question] What is your per­spec­tive on the on­go­ing farmer protests and strikes in In­dia over the dra­matic changes the gov­ern­ment has in­tro­duced into the econ­omy?

Evan_Gaensbauer3 May 2021 0:35 UTC
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Some promis­ing ca­reer ideas be­yond 80,000 Hours’ pri­or­ity paths

Ardenlk26 Jun 2020 10:34 UTC
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Are China and In­dia the most promis­ing coun­tries for an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy? A sys­tem­atic coun­try comparison

KarolinaSarek9 Aug 2019 10:22 UTC
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Notes: Stub­ble Burn­ing in India

Jason Schukraft13 Jan 2021 2:58 UTC
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Re­spond­ing to COVID-19 in India

Suvita26 Apr 2020 19:07 UTC
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ACE Re­port on An­i­mal Ad­vo­cacy in India

MelissaMG15 Aug 2019 20:47 UTC
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Should We Try to Change An­i­mal Welfare Laws in In­dia or Taiwan?- Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship’s Ap­proach Report

vicky_cox8 Jan 2020 18:45 UTC
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Aditya SK: Ex­pan­sion of an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy and con­cern for wild an­i­mal suffer­ing in India

EA Global21 Nov 2020 8:12 UTC
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Do coun­tries com­ply with EU an­i­mal welfare laws?

Neil_Dullaghan17 Aug 2020 1:18 UTC
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Can we drive de­vel­op­ment at scale? An in­terim up­date on eco­nomic growth work

Stephen Clare27 Oct 2020 11:14 UTC
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ALLFED 2019 An­nual Re­port and Fundrais­ing Appeal

AronM23 Nov 2019 2:05 UTC
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Im­pact of US Strate­gic Power on Global Well-Be­ing (quick take)

kbog23 Mar 2019 6:19 UTC
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Con­flict and poverty (or should we tackle poverty in nu­clear con­texts more?)

Sanjay6 Mar 2020 21:59 UTC
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Prob­lem area re­port: Pain

Sid Sharma13 Nov 2020 19:26 UTC
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2020 Top Char­ity Ideas—Char­ity Entrepreneurship

KarolinaSarek18 Aug 2020 14:37 UTC
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Coron­avirus and non-hu­mans: How is the pan­demic af­fect­ing an­i­mals used for hu­man con­sump­tion?

Daniela R. Waldhorn7 Apr 2020 8:40 UTC
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Shrimp Welfare − 2020 Recom­mended idea

KarolinaSarek10 Nov 2020 11:46 UTC
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Up­date on CATF’s plans for 2020

Sanjay24 Dec 2019 9:21 UTC
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An­i­mal Ethics’s 2020 ac­tivi­ties plan

Animal_Ethics17 Jan 2020 23:03 UTC
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Pri­ori­tiz­ing COVID-19 in­ter­ven­tions & in­di­vi­d­ual donations

IanDavidMoss6 May 2020 21:29 UTC
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Which nu­clear wars should worry us most?

Luisa_Rodriguez16 Jun 2019 23:31 UTC
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Will the Treaty on the Pro­hi­bi­tion of Nu­clear Weapons af­fect nu­clear de­pro­lifer­a­tion through le­gal chan­nels?

Luisa_Rodriguez6 Dec 2019 10:38 UTC
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[Question] Effec­tive dona­tions for COVID-19 in India

Tejas Subramaniam30 Apr 2021 20:30 UTC
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Sci-Hub sued in India

cflexman30 Dec 2021 2:48 UTC
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What Helped the Voice­less? His­tor­i­cal Case Studies

Mauricio11 Oct 2020 3:38 UTC
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Varun Desh­pande: Clean and plant-based meat in the de­vel­op­ing world

EA Global27 Jan 2020 15:23 UTC
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Ka­triel Fried­man: The benefits of start­ing your own charity

EA Global23 Jan 2020 20:37 UTC
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Fiona Con­lon: Su­vita’s first year: vac­cines in the spotlight

EA Global21 Nov 2020 8:12 UTC
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Try­ing to as­sess the effec­tive­ness of COVID-19 char­i­ties in India

gotech4 May 2021 7:42 UTC
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Nik­ita Pa­tel & Cor­rina Vali: Start­ing a char­ity — the power of con­tex­tual expertise

EA Global21 Nov 2020 8:12 UTC
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Rachel Glen­ner­ster: En­gag­ing de­vel­op­ing coun­try governments

EA Global6 Aug 2016 0:40 UTC
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