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The FTX Foundation was a non-profit organization funded by FTX, a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange founded by Sam Bankman-Fried. The foundation was created in February 2021[1], and shut down in November 2022 when FTX collapsed.[2]

The foundation’s projects included FTX Climate, the Future Fund and FTX Community.

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FTX Foundation | Official website (Web Archive).

FTX Climate | Official website (Web Archive).

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    FTX – Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange on Medium (2021) The FTX Foundation for charitable giving

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The FTX Fu­ture Fund team has resigned

Nick_Beckstead11 Nov 2022 2:04 UTC
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The Fu­ture Fund’s Pro­ject Ideas Competition

Nick_Beckstead28 Feb 2022 17:27 UTC
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We must be very clear: fraud in the ser­vice of effec­tive al­tru­ism is unacceptable

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Some clar­ifi­ca­tions on the Fu­ture Fund’s ap­proach to grantmaking

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FTX Cri­sis. What we know and some fore­casts on what will hap­pen next

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Fu­ture Fund June 2022 Update

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Some com­ments on re­cent FTX-re­lated events

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2021 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

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FTX Fu­ture Fund and Longtermism

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FTX EA Fellowships

FTX Foundation25 Oct 2021 4:32 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the Fu­ture Fund

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Some thoughts on re­cent Effec­tive Altru­ism fund­ing announcements

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Thoughts on le­gal con­cerns sur­round­ing the FTX situation

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A per­sonal state­ment on FTX

William_MacAskill12 Nov 2022 16:40 UTC
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IMPCO, don’t in­jure your­self by re­turn­ing FTXFF money for ser­vices you already provided

EliezerYudkowsky12 Nov 2022 4:51 UTC
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The Fu­ture Fund’s Re­grant­ing Program

leopold28 Feb 2022 17:28 UTC
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The FTX Si­tu­a­tion: Wait for more in­for­ma­tion be­fore propos­ing solutions

D0TheMath13 Nov 2022 20:28 UTC
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My re­ac­tion to FTX: appalled

Robert_Wiblin11 Nov 2022 18:08 UTC
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Awards for the Fu­ture Fund’s Pro­ject Ideas Competition

Nick_Beckstead24 Mar 2022 18:14 UTC
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CEA/​EV + OP + RP should en­gage an in­de­pen­dent in­ves­ti­ga­tor to de­ter­mine whether key figures in EA knew about the (likely) fraud at FTX

Tyrone-Jay Barugh12 Nov 2022 14:22 UTC
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[Question] Un­der what con­di­tions should FTX grantees vol­un­tar­ily re­turn their grants?

sawyer11 Nov 2022 16:52 UTC
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FTX/​CEA—show us your num­bers!

Jack Lewars18 Apr 2022 12:05 UTC
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[Question] Will FTX Fund pub­lish re­sults from their first round?

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What might FTX mean for effec­tive giv­ing and EA funding

Jack Lewars15 Nov 2022 13:24 UTC
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Give and Get Men­tal Health Sup­port Dur­ing Th­ese Hard Times

Emily11 Nov 2022 14:31 UTC
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[Question] How does a For-Profit Busi­ness Be­come In­volved?

Patrick-AgamiCo4 Jun 2022 6:00 UTC
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[The Guardian] FTX seeks to claw back dona­tions to poli­ti­ci­ans and charities

Guy Raveh20 Dec 2022 19:05 UTC
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Another FTX post: sug­ges­tions for change

SaraAzubuike11 Nov 2022 17:47 UTC
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[Question] How could we have avoided this?

Nathan Young12 Nov 2022 12:45 UTC
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Why didn’t the FTX Foun­da­tion se­cure its bag?

Greg_Colbourn15 Nov 2022 19:54 UTC
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Hamish McDoodles13 Nov 2022 5:00 UTC
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Samotsvety’s AI risk forecasts

elifland9 Sep 2022 4:01 UTC
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In favour of com­pas­sion, and against band­wag­ons of outrage

Emrik13 Nov 2022 0:42 UTC
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An Out­sider’s View on the FTX Crash

Jeroen De Ryck13 Nov 2022 15:25 UTC
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In Defense of SBF

Austin14 Nov 2022 16:10 UTC
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A pos­i­tive per­spec­tive on the fu­ture of the movement

GidiKadosh13 Nov 2022 18:39 UTC
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BERI Re­turns All FTX Funds

elizabethcooper12 Feb 2024 16:40 UTC
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FTX prob re­lated: Strongly Recom­mend­ing Creat­ing An In­ter­nal Au­dit Com­mit­tee that will Pe­ri­od­i­cally Assess EA Or­ga­ni­za­tions, Its Ob­jec­tives And Pro­cesses Based on IIA Standards

Miguel13 Nov 2022 1:42 UTC
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Re­spon­si­bil­ity and Re­form: Are we learn­ing the right les­sons from FTX?

hawkebia13 Nov 2022 14:48 UTC
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[Question] What should EA do in re­sponse to the FTX crisis?

Sharmake10 Nov 2022 18:44 UTC
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EA cre­ated FTX

Max Utility7 Dec 2022 22:40 UTC
1 point
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Thoughts on FTX and re­turn­ing to our ideals

michel11 Nov 2022 20:17 UTC
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Claw­backs: Prob­a­bly don’t spend FTX grantee money for the next few days(?)

Error40412 Nov 2022 21:04 UTC
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SBF, ex­treme risk-tak­ing, ex­pected value, and effec­tive altruism

vipulnaik13 Nov 2022 17:44 UTC
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For the men­tal health of those af­fected by the FTX crisis...

Daystar Eld11 Nov 2022 10:04 UTC
122 points
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[Question] After re­cent FTX events, what are al­ter­na­tive sources of fund­ing for longter­mist pro­jects?

Caro12 Nov 2022 16:51 UTC
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The 3rd wave of EA is com­ing—what does it mean for you?

Jakob19 Aug 2022 13:47 UTC
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ESPR should re­turn the FTX-funded chateau

Bob Jacobs10 Dec 2022 15:54 UTC
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Money Stuff: FTX’s Balance Sheet Was Bad

Elliot Temple14 Nov 2022 20:23 UTC
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Es­ti­mat­ing the prob­a­bil­ity that FTX Fu­ture Fund grant money gets clawed back

spencerg14 Nov 2022 3:33 UTC
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Com­mu­nity sup­port given FTX situation

Julia_Wise10 Nov 2022 11:51 UTC
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Sense-mak­ing around the FTX catas­tro­phe: a deep dive pod­cast epi­sode we just released

spencerg30 Nov 2022 1:54 UTC
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A job match­ing ser­vice for af­fected FTXFF grantees

High Impact Professionals21 Nov 2022 11:19 UTC
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How the FTX crash dam­aged the Altru­is­tic Agency

Markus Amalthea Magnuson13 Nov 2022 21:38 UTC
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[Question] Know­ing the cost of SBF’s fraud, what size dona­tion to effec­tive causes would have made it eth­i­cal? $1B? $5B?

qiaochu_fan12 Nov 2022 10:48 UTC
−25 points
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Man­i­fold Mar­kets in­ter­view with Joel Becker

David Chee15 Jul 2022 20:33 UTC
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[Question] FTX Cri­sis: how should EA groups’ lead­ers and board mem­bers act in the con­text of the cur­rent situ­a­tion?

Liv12 Nov 2022 23:36 UTC
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Not­ing an un­sub­stan­ti­ated be­lief about the FTX disaster

Yitz13 Nov 2022 5:37 UTC
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Money Stuff: FTX Had a Death Spiral

Elliot Temple9 Nov 2022 20:33 UTC
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Crypto mar­kets, EA fund­ing and optics

SaraAzubuike14 Jul 2022 15:46 UTC
137 points
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