[Question] How can we make Our World in Data more useful to the EA community?

I work at Our World in Data, where we try to make research and data on the world’s largest problems more accessible and understandable.

I attended EA Global this past weekend, where I received very interesting input from many lovely people on potential improvements. But I thought it’d also be worth asking here to get wider feedback. I’m interested in all the following:

  • Low-hanging ‘data fruits’: simple datasets or charts that you know to be readily available somewhere and that would add significant value, but that aren’t already listed here.

  • High-hanging fruits: things we could add to the website in the medium term with a lot more work (new subjects, larger datasets, data that needs a lot of cleaning, etc.)

  • Imaginary fruits: what you’d like to see on OWID in your wildest dreams (e.g. global population projections to the year 10,000 under various scenarios).

Thank you!

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