AMA: Working at the Centre for Effective Altruism

CEA has a lot of open positions right now. So we’re hosting an AMA to answer questions about what it’s like to work here!

We’ll start to respond on Tuesday, 525, and keep going through the rest of the week. But if you happen to find this post after that, feel free to add a question, and Aaron will make sure the right people see it.

All questions are welcome, but here are some things we’d be especially keen to discuss:

  • Our open positions — what their impact might be, what sorts of people we’re looking to hire, etc.

  • CEA’s internal culture

  • What our different teams work on

Other links you might find useful:

Our current open positions

Note: We previously had a separate AMA for the Events roles, but decided to merge it with this one.

Staff members joining this AMA

  • Aaron Gertler, content specialist and “Forum guy”

  • Amy Labenz, who has been producing events at CEA since 2015, including EA Global and a series of smaller, specialized retreats

  • Barry Grimes, who leads communications for EA Global and provides support to EAGx conferences around the world

  • Ben West, who manages the Forum team and thinks about a lot of community-level topics (e.g. retention)

  • Harri Besceli, who manages the Community Building Grants program(me). He’ll soon be taking another role at CEA, so we’re looking for a new manager.

  • Joan Gass, our Managing Director, who does a lot of work on CEA’s strategy, leads our recruitment, and manages the Groups team

  • Josh Axford, who manages CEA’s operations

  • Max Dalton, our Executive Director, who oversees everything we do and sets CEA’s overall direction as an organization

  • Nicole Ross, who works on broad community health questions and thinks about ways to improve the community’s epistemics

You can learn more about us on CEA’s Team page.