Hinge of his­tory hypothesis

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The hinge of history is a hypothetical time in human history in which humanity has disproportionate influence over the long-term future. The hinge of history hypothesis is the view that we are currently living at the hinge of history (MacAskill 2019; MacAskill 2021). The hypothesis has been explicitly endorsed by a number of key figures in the effective altruism community, including Derek Parfit (Parfit 1986: 351; Parfit 2011: 616), Toby Ord (Ord 2020) and Holden Karnofsky (Karnofsky 2021), and is arguably implicit in the writings of other prominent authors, such as Eliezer Yudkowsky and Nick Bostrom.

Whether the hinge of history hypothesis is true may determine how the present generation ought to prioritize between causes or choose between giving and investing, and may have other important implications.


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